Tamar & Vince

Tamar’s Sisters Visit, Abandon Her – Tamar & Vince (2.05) [Episode Preview]

On Tamar & Vince, Tamar’s sisters and mother come to visit her in her home with Vince. They gather to make her a cast for her stomach, telling her that it should harden in about a half hour. But instead of waiting with her for the cast to form, they leave. Tamar becomes upset once she feels abandoned.

About Tamar & Vince

In this Braxton Family Values spinoff, Tamar Braxton and husband Vincent Herbert chart a course separate from the rest of the Braxton family. The two stars navigate the choppy waters of blending their marriage with a business relationship in which Vince manages Tamar’s music career. Tamar’s restless ambition to increase her celebrity status tends to clash with Vincent’s slower strategy, leading the couple to argue over the pace of Tamar’s rise to fame. Additionally, basic personality differences push them into conflicts on a personal level. Further, Tamar is forced to deal with the challenges of being a music star along with becoming a new mom.

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