Chrissy & Mr. Jones

Jim Grills His Son on His Interracial Relationship – Chrissy & Mr. Jones (2.01) [Preview Clip]

On Chrissy & Mr. Jones, Jim and Chrissy hang out with Jim’s son, Pudie, at a go-kart racing track. Jim asks Pudie about whether he’s still dating his white girlfriend. Pudie gets annoyed at Jim’s prying. Jim tells Chrissy that Pudie’s staying with them for the summer. Chrissy doubts that Jim has a firm idea of what taking care of his son full time will entail.

About Chrissy & Mr. Jones

In this spinoff of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop, Chrissy Lampkin and her longtime fiancé, Jim Jones, try to chart out a life with one another as a committed couple. However, fundamental differences between them threaten to derail their journey toward marriage and beginning a new family together. At the same time, Chrissy attempts to settle into a renewed relationship with Jim’s strong-willed mother, Nancy “Mama” Jones. Although Chrissy and Jim have plans to have a child together, Jim’s young boy moves in with the couple, throwing Chrissy into the role of a mother. Additionally, Chrissy seeks Jim’s financial support in building a successful clothing line.

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