Black Ink Crew

Skye Takes Off Her Underwear in Public for Teddy – Black Ink Crew (2.05) [Episode Clip]

On Black Ink Crew, Teddy hangs out with Skye at a bar and restaurant, where she asks him why he’s not interested in the idea of monogamous relationships. Teddy explains that women can be just as cold as women when it comes to the dating game, and says that he would rather just have physical connections with them because of it. Skye pressures him to be intimate with her in the restaurant’s bathroom. Teddy says he didn’t expect her to be so forward so fast.

About Black Ink Crew

This VH1 series chronicles the personal and professional ups and downs of the Black Ink Tattoo Studio staff. Run by Ceaser, a young businessman who’s gathered mostly friends to work with him, the “Black Ink Crew” attempts to push the studio to greatness. However, interpersonal relationships, private baggage and workplace difficulties constantly threaten to derail their brand and their success. The staff includes a firecracker mix of personalities: Dutchess, a tattoo enthusiast dating Ceaser who takes little sitting down; Sassy, a voice of reason among her often rambunctious colleagues; Teddy, notorious among his friends for his womanizing ways; Puma, the studio’s PR rep with a sense of humor; O’Sh*t, the group’s trouble-prone talent; and Walt, formerly the head of operations. Also hovering in the orbit of the group is Alex, a fired employee scorned by most of the staff.

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