Real Husbands of Hollywood

Kevin Steals a Kiss from Tisha – Real Husbands of Hollywood (2.04) [Episode Clip]

On Real Husbands of Hollywood, Duane celebrates being on his new comedy series, Tisha & Duane. However, he underwhelms his producers, including Nick–who fires him. Nick offers the role to Kevin, who jumps at the opportunity to star. During the recording of an episode, Kevin steals an unscripted kiss from Tisha after Duane sneaks into the show’s studio. Eric Benet and Nelly hear Bobby Brown sing, but aren’t impressed with his aging abilities.

About Real Husbands of Hollywood

Kevin Hart is front and center as himself in this reality series satire from BET. Self-serving, petty and confrontational, Kevin constantly aggravates his group of celebrity friends–who either barely stomach his company or openly antagonize him. His clique includes other stars (also played by themselves), including Nick Cannon, Kevin’s biggest celebrity rival; Boris Kodjoe, a self-loving supermodel; JB Smoove, an excitable comedian; Nelly, a laid-back rap star; Duane Martin, an actor constantly scheming for easy money; and Romany Malco, an actor baffled by Kevin’s behavior. Even more Hollywood stars make appearances throughout each season.

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