Braxton Family Values

Gabe Wants Bedroom Benefits for Helping Trina – Braxton Family Values (3.18) [Episode Clip]

On Braxton Family Values, Gabe propositions Trina on letting him sleep with her in exchange for his help with finances. Trina balks at the idea. Gabe maintains that bedroom benefits are the only currency with which she’s able to adequately pay him.

About Braxton Family Values

In this WEtv reality series, Toni Braxton, her four sisters, and her mother attempt to manage their personal drama with one another and in their own lives. In the third season of the show, Toni strives to make choices in her music career that keep her happiest. Tamar enjoys the spotlight that’s come with the success of her new album, and balances her stardom with being a new mother. Trina struggles with the speed bumps of marriage to a husband’s who’s cheated on her. Traci is blindsided by marital issues of her own. Towanda celebrates turning 40-years-old. Evelyn maintains an active relationship with each of her daughters, trying to keep peace whenever the sisters squabble.

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