‘A Door Marked Exit’ – Scandal (3.10) [Full Episode]

On Scandal, Sally calls Cyrus to Number One Observatory Circle in order for him to help her cover up her murder. Fitz imprisons Rowan in order to buy time until Maya has safely landed abroad, hidden from B613. Cyrus’ conscience eats at him over inadvertently causing Daniel’s death. Olivia, Huck and Jake race to track down Quinn, who attempts to take out Rowan for good.

About Scandal

Created by Shonda Rhimes, this drama follows the tumultuous story of former White House Director of Communications Olivia Pope, a “fixer” who helps Washington D.C.’s elite solve private crises that could become public relations nightmares without her interference. Despite her success at her job, Olivia’s secrets come with their own scandalous dangers that threaten the stability of the entire country. As she attempts to juggle the fallout from her past mistakes with her new concerns as a fixer, she finds herself in a volatile emotional struggle with President Fitzgerald Grant, and sometimes at odds with his Chief of Staff, Cyrus Bean. At Olivia’s side are her loyal associates, including Huck, a former black ops agent trying to redeem himself for past deeds, Quinn, a fresh face around Olivia’s office who’s eager to contribute, Harrison, Olivia’s fiercely devoted second-in-command, and Abby, a highly opinionated employee adept at investigations. Olivia also butts heads with David Rosen of the U.S. Attorney’s office, who is often pulled between his friendship with Olivia and his duty to uphold the law.

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