‘Series Premiere’ – (1.01) [Full Episode]

On the pilot episode of Crisis, the seeds of a national incident are planted when a mysterious group takes hostage a busload of children who attend a prestigious private school. Among the children are the president’s son and the offspring of CEOs, diplomats and other power players. Tossed into the conflict is Secret Service Agent Marcus Finley, whose first day on the job of protecting the president’s kid turns deadly with a betrayal from inside his agency. FBI Special Agent Susie Dunn races against the clock to find the kidnappers, and is forced to rekindle a relationship with her sister, Meg Fitch–a CEO whose daughter is among the kidnapped. Francis Gibson, a chaperone kidnapped with his estranged daughter, is forced to comply with his captors.

About Crisis

During a field trip for students of Ballard High, a private school attended by the children of Washington DC’s elite movers and shakers, a mysterious group takes the boys and girls hostage and uses them as leverage against their parents. Secret Service Agent Marcus Finley is thrown into the conflict his first day on duty protecting the president’s son. Ex-CIA analyst Francis Gibson, a chaperone on the trip who’s kidnapped with the children, is forced to comply with the demands of his captors. Susie Dunn, an FBI Special Agent, races to save the children from harm, and in doing so is forced to re-establish her relationship with Meg Fitch, the CEO of an IT company and the mother of one of the stolen children.

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